Purpose & Pleasure Retreat
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TULUM, MEXICO • DEC 1-5, 2018

Purpose & Pleasure

A Desire Map Retreat to awaken your deepest desires and create your most lit up life

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Hello Soul Seeker,

We see you. You’ve spent ample time envisioning your dream life. You’ve said all the affirmations and have tried manifesting a life you’re obsessed with, yet, something’s still out of whack.

You’ve told people you’re working towards your big goals and that big vision, all while secretly wishing things were different. You’re craving more. More purpose, more alignment, more impact, more loving relationships, more vitality, and more pleasure. So now what?

Are you ready to know the secret to having what you desire? You have to lean into your desire and discover how do you want to feel!

The Purpose and Pleasure Retreat in Tulum, Mexico is a Desire Map retreat for spiritual seekers who are ready to uncover the secrets to having what they desire and living a life that lights them up for the New Year.



Our Retreat Center

Come and join us at Amansala, one of the hottest retreat centers in Tulum!


Manifest Magic in Tulum

Prepare to manifest your biggest desires at Amansla, located on Tulum Beach, Mexico.

Magic happens when you discover your core desired feelings with Nicolette Ray and Asia Dawn. 

The key to having what you desire is following what makes you feel good. The Desire Map is a revolutionary goal setting process that combines goals with soul. When you follow your desire, you discover the blueprint to your truth, you lean into pleasure, and you feel the way you want to feel along the way to your dreams.

We believe that life is meant to be lived in alignment with your truth. The Purpose and Pleasure retreat will help you discover your core desired feelings so you can live your most aligned life, have some adventure, and tune into your higher self.



Asia Dawn & Nicolette Ray

Avid wanderlusters and giggle enthusiasts, spiritual coaches Nicolette Ray and Asia Dawn met last year in a castle. They hit it off immediately and just knew they needed to join forces and offer the most empowering retreat yet!


Asia Dawn

Asia Dawn is a women’s empowerment coach, international speaker, author, and avid traveler. After her divorce, she said goodbye to corporate America and started to travel the world solo, living out of a backpack. Feeling called to help other women discover the same joy, Asia used her International MBA and holistic coaching certifications to launch her own spiritual business. She now helps women move through transitions, heal after breakups and divorce, and feel more confident about traveling solo. Asia believes in the power of a spiritual practice and turning within to find real love. Currently based in Mexico City, she’s on the quest for the perfect vegan taco and salsa partner.

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Nicolette Ray

Nicolette Ray is a spiritual teacher, joy junkie, and Desire Map Facilitator for purpose based spiritual entrepreneurs seeking to make their soul’s work their life’s work. Nicolette believes that following your yes is the most important thing you can do with your life. She teaches women through the Desire Map and her Aligned Brand Academy to align with their inner essence to create a lit up life based on their highest truth. She’s all sunshine, loves all things woo (especially chakras), has loads of infectious joy, and sings out of excitement when food arrives.


We believe that life should be a joyful adventure. You're meant to live a life that's in alignment with your truth. The Purpose and Pleasure retreat will help you discover your core desired feelings so you can live your most aligned life, laugh your pants off, and tune into your highest version of you.


This is for you if...

  • You’re ready for a foreign adventure AND you’re ready to dive deep into your soul’s purpose

  • You’re craving a new way to set and achieve your biggest goals in life.

  • You’re craving more intimacy with your divine feminine and you’re ready to love up on yourself.

  • You’re not afraid of a little adventure.

  • You’re ready to feel a renewed sense of self on the sexy, hot sand of Tulum Beach.

  • You’re ready to feel expansive, inspired, aligned, purposeful, radiant, and ALL of your core desired feelings.

  • You’re ready to do some ass kicking in 2019 and you want to create an aligned action plan to finally achieve your goals.

  • You’re ready to learn the most pleasurable form of goal setting we’ve found – The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.


What to expect..

  • Guided meditations to help you bust through your most stubborn limiting beliefs
  • Ample time to dig your feet in the sand and work on your tan
  • Morning yoga and movement practices to tune you into your intuition for the day
  • An intimately guided Desire Map Experience led by Licensed Desire Map facilitator Nicolette Ray
  • Deep clarity on your next steps in life, business, relationships, and your soul’s purpose
  • An action plan for the best 2019 you could ever manifest yourself
  • Playtime with essential oils and crystals and breathwork, oh my!
  • A sisterhood of like-minded women who love all things adventure and woo
  • Personalized Core Desire Feelings to help guide you in making your biggest life decisions
  • Joy, lots of laughs, dance parties, and a whole lotta love


5 days in paradise to get you aligned and back into action on your biggest dreams and desires.

Plus, a little (okay a LOT) of extra fun along the way.



Let’s face the facts…You can’t create aligned goals without being grounded in who you really are. Day 1 is all about getting your grounded at the beautiful Amansala retreat center and grounded into the core of your being. We’ll gather together for a welcome circle and ground you into who you really are so you can feel ease and relaxation on your tropical retreat. Get your woo on and enjoy your arrival in Paradise.


Self love is so much more than bath salts and candles. You’ve tried getting what you want and manifesting #allthethings, but you’re still left wanting more. What’s a girl to do? Unlocking your pleasure potential is the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. On Day 2, you’ll learn to tune into your unique inner guidance system (that’s your intuition) and understand your personalized pleasure language. You’ll find out the secret Desire Map roadmap to uncovering how you really want to feel, why traditional goal setting just isn’t cutting it, and how your core desired feelings live in your divine feminine body. Plus, a little adventure never hurt anyone. Your inner wanderluster will explore a dreamy Mexican cenote that is so instagram worthy it hurts. Get ready to treat yourself like the abundant queen you are.

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You’ve spent so much time wanting what other people told you to want, and not enough time following through on your own desire. It’s time to flip that narrative for good. Your deepest desires are the roadmap to your soul. Day 3 is all about using the Desire Map process to uncover your specific core desired feelings. With pleasure unlocked, you can finally access the desires you didn’t even know you had. Discovering your core desired feelings is the most potent clarity you can have for leading a life you love. You’ll get real about what’s working, what’s not working (and we mean really not working), and what to do to get yourself back on track with what you truly crave.

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Your purpose is dying to come to life with your new found clarity on purpose and desire. When you know how to lean into pleasure and understand how you really want to feel, you can finally uncover your divine life purpose. If you’re seeking confidence and clarity on what’s next in your life, work, relationships, health, and spiritual connection, Day 4 is going to blow your mind. Using your core desire feelings, you’ll map out your 2019 goals with soul. No more New Year’s Resolutions that don’t make it into week 2 of January. You’ll learn the Desire Map way of creating goals that move the needle on your biggest dreams and how to manifest through your intuition and the manifestation current of the chakra system. We’ll celebrate your brand new you with a farewell dinner that hits on pleasure and purpose. You’ll be ready to kick ass as you return home and enter into 2019.

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By Day 5, you’re equipped to take on the world! We’ll lead you through your morning practice to get you motivated to take action on your biggest goals yet. It’s go time! Knowing your core desired feelings and having a deep connection to self is the magic you’ve been seeking to keep you in action ALL YEAR LONG. You now have the map to guide you home.


What's Included

  • Pre-retreat welcome call with all retreat participants, led by Nicolette and Asia (November)

  • Welcome bag full of goodies

  • Onsite group coaching with Nicolette and Asia

  • Desire Map instruction and goal setting for 2019

  • Daily movement and yoga instruction led by Nicolette and Asia

  • Breathwork and meditation sessions led by Nicolette and Asia

  • Essential oils blend that you create during a manifestation oils workshop

  • Excursion to a cenote (natural water source)

  • An evening in downtown Tulum to use as you please

  • All meals and beverages (excluding alcohol and your evening in downtown Tulum)

  • Tranquil lodging in a beachfront retreat center

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Free time to lounge on the beach

  • Lots of love from your coaches and retreat sisters!



Meditation & MOVEMENT




Reserve Your Adventure

If you're ready to join us on the Purpose & Pleasure Retreat –Tulum, Mexico Dec 1-5, 2018, welcome!

You can register below by choosing your lodging option and payment option.

If you still have further questions and would like to talk with Asia Dawn or Nicolette Ray, please send us an inquiry to support@nicoletteray.co


Registration & Payment

WOO HOO! We’re offering an early bird discount of $500 off the full price when you sign up by August 15! Get in now!

We have three rooming options for the Purpose & Pleasure Retreat in Tulum.

Single Occupancy *$2,900 ($2,400 EARLY BIRD)

Double Occupancy *$2,400 ($1,900 EARLY BIRD)

Triple Occupancy *$2,100 ($1,600 EARLY BIRD)


We offer a pay in full option, and a payment plan option. The sooner you get in, the more spread out your payment plan option will be.

Your final payment (balance paid in full) is due no later than October 10, 2018.

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If you're craving privacy, this is the room for you. Our single room options are made for being a queen in paradise. You'll have a king sized bed all to yourself. Prepare to relax!

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Our double room options are a great way to enjoy the beaches of Tulum with one retreat sister. These rooms have two queen beds, one for each of you. We will match you with another retreat sister, or you can book with a friend and we'll pair you together.

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Our most budget friendly option is our triple room. We only have space for three retreat sisters in this room, so if you want it, come get it!

Payment Terms and Refund Policy
Paid in Full: If you cancel on or before September 20, 2018, you will be refunded 50% of your total. If you cancel after September 20, 2018, you will not receive a refund.
Payment Plan: First payment serves as a nonrefundable deposit. All deposits and payments are non-refundable. Your final payment (balance paid in full) is due no later than October 10, 2018.